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This is the True Nature of Newspaper: Interview with Xue Tao

For the past ten years, Chinese artist Xue Tao has been building sculptures out of ropes that he weaves from…

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Art can’t Change the World: Interview with Lei Yan

Artists come to contemporary art from a huge range of backgrounds, but few have a history as unique as the…

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80 Percent of Women Can Look Like Audrey Hepburn: Interview with Makeup Artist Yang Yang

The generation of Chinese artists who became active in Beijing during the late 1980s and early 1990s were given an…

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The Beauty of Decay: Interview with Liu Lijuan

Liu Lijuan’s prints often depict tattered objects that look as if they’ve been discarded. The worn clothing and crumbling furniture…

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Out of the Gallery, into the Market – Reflections on Kunming Markets 2012

One of the artists who participated in Kunming Markets, an art event held during the first week of August in…

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Contemporary Art Grows in Myanmar: Interview with Aung Soe Min

Myanmar (Burma) has long been one of the most isolated countries in Asia, due in large part to its abysmal…

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“Burn the Oil Paintings” A Response to Xiamen Dada’s Burning Works

“I would like to burn the piece. I think that would be nice visually. Videotape the burning of it. And…

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The Imposed Flat

A year ago, a friend of mine took me to a local forest where he had installed a few works….

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To Work As Illustrator in Kunming: Interview with He Mu

Because many Chinese art schools focus on oil and ink painting, artists working in China usually have a background in…

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The Best Shows from the Dali International Photography Exhibition

Last week I attended the Dali International Photography Exhibition, where artists gathered from China and abroad to display their work….

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